Aug 28 2015

Killing of Journalists Shines a Light on Workplace Violence

By Matt Heckel

The tragic shooting that killed two Virginia journalists during a news broadcast Wednesday morning is shining a light on the problem of workplace violence.

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Aug 27 2015

Distinctly ‘American Strain’ Leads Mass Shooters to Target U.S. Schools and Workplaces

TITLEBy Jennifer Mascia

ss shooters in America disproportionately target workplaces and schools, while shooters outside the U.S. largely attack military facilities, a new study finds. The study’s author attributes the discrepancy to a distinctly “American strain” that causes this country’s mass shooters to interpret the everyday stresses of professional and educational environments in the U.S. as equivalent to the life-and-death conflicts of combat zones.

“The strains you experience can be shaped by your culture, but also shaped by your own mind and a complete lack of perspective,” Adam Lankford, study author and professor at the University of Alabama, tells The Trace. “Even when these mass shooters end up killing random strangers, these victims typically represent the social systems that the offenders believe mistreated them in unforgivable ways.”

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Aug 26 2015

Union calls for better anti-violence policies at psychiatric facility

Healthcare ViolenceBy Jeff Cottrill

Following the sentencing of a patient at a Charlottetown mental-health hospital for assaulting a worker, the union representing the facility’s staff has met with the hospital administration regarding violence against employees.

The patient, a 21-year-old woman, was sentenced to two months of jail time for the attack on Aug. 18. This was the second time this year that she had been sentenced to prison time for assaulting staff while undergoing treatment at Hillsborough Hospital.

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Aug 25 2015

Bullied for a Reference

reference checklistBy Dr. Lynne Curry

Question: I fired a man an hour ago for harassing one of our secretaries. According to other employees, he came on to her and didn’t take no for an answer. When a coworker came to the secretary’s aid, this man shoved the worker so hard the co-worker fell against the wall and down to the floor.

When I fired this man he came across my desk at me and said the secretary had been leading him on for weeks. An hour after he left, he called from his company cell, which he hadn’t turned in and said he was going to a job interview and if I knew what was good for me I’d give him a good reference.

I said we’d only say only positive things. I then stupidly asked him about the cell phone and he said he’d be right back to drop it off and to pick up a letter of reference, which had better be “d— good.” What do I do?
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Aug 24 2015

Here’s How You Should Deal With Toxic Teammates

ToxicBy Laura Stack

Few things kill productivity faster than a toxic teammate — someone so awful they poison the workplace environment.

You can work around or repair a lack of resources, poor training, terrible leadership, an uncertain future, shoddy work processes, even micromanaging; however, toxic workers destroy from the inside out. Like a cancer, their dissatisfaction and distrust eventually metastasize to others, leading to a sick team that nothing short of radical surgery can save.

A bad attitude is contagious and spreads quickly.

Unfortunately, team-wreckers aren’t always obvious. Gossips, saboteurs, and unhappy loudmouths usually make themselves known quickly, so leadership can deal with them directly before things go too far. But the disengaged — those who don’t care about their jobs — clog up the workflow process because they miss deadlines, miss work often, arrive late, and refuse to pitch in during crunch periods.

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Aug 21 2015

What to do if you face workplace bullying

What to do if you face workplace bullying

Have you ever experienced bullying in the workplace and would speaking out about it mean jeopardizing your job or future career prospects?

Recent research reveals that a staggering amount of people have been bullied in the workplace with a further frightening amount of people admitting to witnessing others being bullied.

Joining us in this special live and interactive show is former Head of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Luke Roberts, employment lawyer Paula Chan, from Slater and Gordon and a case study where they’ll be discussing the best way to handle workplace bullying.

Our experts will be covering an array of topics and giving helpful advice especially with; how to spot the warning signs of being bullied, being bullied by a colleague to more frighteningly from your boss or management and whether speaking out can put your employment at risk.

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