Feb 03 2014

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The 5 Absolute Worst Kinds of Bosses

TITLEBy Martha C. White

The bully: The only thing worse than another kid stealing your lunch money is working for one of those bullies — they might have grown up, but in the adult environment of the workplace, bullies can be even worse because they’ve refined their techniques over the years.

Unlike the stereotype of a bully as a ham-fisted thug, bully bosses have sufficient social skills to figure out who and how they need to coerce to get ahead on the job — which many do, writes Darren Treadway, an associate professor in the school of management at the University at Buffalo , State University of New York. Bullies crave power, Treadway says, and they have no compunctions about behaving aggressively to get it. In their drive to the top, they don’t care who they run over.

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I thought I was going crazy but now understand what was happening… Will be reading it a few times more yet… I would recomend the book for sure. Thanking you so much for the book! Its given me strength again. - Geoff

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  1. Rebecca@TakeThisJobOrShoveIt.com

    A bully boss is more stressful than a pile of tasks in your desk. They make your job more difficult and your workplace a living hell. If you experience this kind of situation then I suggest you move out and look for another job in a company with a boss that behaves accordingly.

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