Feb 06 2014

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Kingston shooting: Workplace violence difficult to predict, experts say

TITLEBy Paula Ann Mitchell

Workplace violence isn’t easy to predict, nor are there typical, “blatant red flags” indicating it’s about to unfold, area professionals say.In fact, those who commit crimes in the workplace usually don’t fit a certain profile, according to Rosalyn Magidson, executive director of the Dispute Resolution Center, which serves Ulster, Orange, Sullivan and Putnam counties.

“As far as recognizing who potentially could be a perpetrator, that’s very, very difficult,” Magidson said. “Often, they don’t have a prior record and can seem quiet and retiring.” The issue of workplace violence was thrust into the local spotlight by a fatal shooting Monday morning at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection office on Smith Avenue in Kingston. David N. Reese, 53, of Gilboa, is accused of killing co-worker Aron J. Thomas, 33, of Olivebridge with a handgun about 6:45 a.m. in the department’s Smith Avenue building. Reese has been charged with second-degree murder and is being held in the Ulster County Jail without bail.

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