Oct 13 2009

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Personnel Concepts` Workplace Violence Prevention Program CD-ROM Enables Zero-Policy Approaches

Press Release from Reuters.com

With violence stalking America`s workplace and five percent of all incidents resulting in fatalities, Personnel Concepts has rushed to the scene with its Workplace Violence Prevention Program CD-ROM to enable the formulation of zero-tolerance policies and programs.

This interactive Workplace Violence Prevention Program CD-ROM allows employers to quickly and easily customize a written zero-tolerance workplace violence policy and a written workplace violence prevention plan designed to meet OSHA`s specific guidelines.

The package includes plain language guidance, information, documentation forms, and training materials in electronic format. With this exclusive CD-ROM, employers will learn how to implement reasonable, effective violence prevention strategies and understand obligations relating to internal or external threats.

“The brutal murder of Yale med student Annie Le once again reveals how fragile and dangerous is the workplace,” said Robert Leland, director of research for personnel concepts. “Employers need be prepared and maintain a safe workplace in accordance with OSHA general safety standards. Unprepared and inattentive
employers are subject to fines and even criminal penalties.”

To order or obtain more information on Personnel Concepts` new CD-ROM, please visit http://www.PersonnelConcepts.com or call toll free at 800-333-3795.

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