Nov 07 2013

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Teacher recalls bullying as warning to others who may be facing a hostile workplace

workplace bullyingBy Evan Axelbank

It was Michelle Guercio’s first time teaching Pre-Kindergarten.

She thought a fellow teacher could be a role model. “I was not as experienced in that grade level, so I listened to a lot she had to say because she knew more than I did,” said Michelle.

But advice became commands. “Why aren’t you doing what we said, why aren’t you doing what I said? Why aren’t you doing what I’m doing, it was very intimidating,” said Michelle.

Read the entire article on: WPTV TV/NewsChannel 5

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I thought I was going crazy but now understand what was happening… Will be reading it a few times more yet… I would recomend the book for sure. Thanking you so much for the book! Its given me strength again. - Geoff

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